A business model like no other

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Askja is a consulting company based in Luxemburg since 2017.
But we aren’t a very typical consulting company. For example:

  • We are all independent consultants.
  • We have no managers, not even a CEO.
  • Askja’s main purpose is to enable consultants to be happy. Strong revenue and delighted customers are a side effect, not a goal.
  • Askja doesn’t want to earn money from it’s consultants. It is in practice a non-profit company (even though we are a limited liability company). Consultants keep most of what they earn.
  • Our ownership model is designed to keep our stock financially worthless. Basically we maintain the value of our shares at just one euro. There is no incentive to "cash in".
  • Consultants are 100% autonomous. They can do whatever they want (as long as they don’t hurt the brand ), and work as much or as little as they want.

After many years of experimenting we’ve converged on a model that works well, basically the sweet spot between being an independent consultant and being an employee.

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