Ensure employee satisfaction to better meet the challenges

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Mobilizing energy for change

Faced with the challenges of digital transformation, organizations need to gain flexibility whilst better mobilizing the energy playing a role in a project for the future. In this context, as Bart van Mulders, founder of Askja banking systems expert, explains, satisfaction, even a sense of  happiness of all its employees is an essential factor.

What is the success of a complex project to transform a banking computer System today ?

It depends primarily on the teams involved in the project and on the energy they will invest in it. This is true in all the areas of a business. In the context of  banking System transformation projects, which can sometimes take quite a length of time, which involve important risks to Management and a real complexity to apprehend, this human factor is crucial.

In the current context, the company needs to gain flexibility. By opening to novelty, it will be able to better address the challenges of tomorrow. Demonstrating this open attitude, the organization leads by example all employees and partners who will carry and make the change possible on a daily basis.

What are the key levers to activate in order to mobilize employees facing these transformation issues?

The majority of human beings don’t like change. Comfortably installed in routines, we all tend to push back the deadlines that force us to hustle our habits. To overcome this, you have to work on the corporate culture in order to change attitudes. Within the Organization, everyone must be aware that the future of the business and workplaces depend on its ability to change over and over again.

On the other hand, it is essential that everyone is applied in his work, that he feels good in his sneakers. A sense of belonging and continuity, seeing how the work of an individual fits in the overall business is important. These are strong motivational factors determining how satisfied employees are. I therefore think that the assessment of work satisfaction must be given a prominent place among other indicators to be taken into account for a project. This will enhance the success of transforming a banking system.

Why and how to measure satisfaction at work?

There are very simple tools to be implemented to assess happiness at work. Through a shared spreadsheet, you can make a regular statement of the mindset of the team members and get an idea of the development of each and the way a team works. For example, employees can be offered the opportunity to assess on a scale of 1 to 5 their satisfaction in being part of the Organization, to carry out the missions entrusted to them, to work with their clients or colleagues. The index average that results from this scaling exercise can be used as an indicator of happiness. It may be tracked over time.

Detecting variations in the average index of satisfaction at work makes it easier to  identify problems and to bring solutions in a fast way. In addition, interviewing employees on the improvement levers makes it possible to take simple measures that can produce real impacts. This can be done in a process of continuous improvement.

By ensuring the satisfaction and motivation of the employees, the company will more easily  anticipate on potential barriers and release the energy needed for change. This is a unique aspect of Askja, that allows us to support Organizations in successfully implementing new systems for their business and employees.

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