Helping IT to evolve, a strategic issue.

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A positive investment momentum

To meet the challenges of the bank of tomorrow, IT managers are entering a new dynamic of transforming their IT systems. In order to carry out such investment projects, banking institutions are strengthen their teams by integrating experienced skills.

Banking institutions face many challenges. At a time when everything is changing faster, they are forced to open up their computer systems and upgrade them to increase their ability to adapt. "The IT leaders must transform their environment to be better prepare the future. It's not just about meeting regulatory challenges or cost-cutting requirements, but about giving ourselves the ability to evolve more quickly in a rapidly changing environment, "said Bart Van Mulders. "Banks need more flexible and open IT environments to better support new business needs."

IT budgets up

This trend was confirmed by the recent KPMG Core Banking Systems study, which reveals the ambitions of IT managers in the Luxembourg banking sector regarding the evolution of their systems. In particular, there is an upward trend in IT budgets. More specifically, the study states that 53% of the actors interviewed will recruit more IT resources to strengthen the teams in charge of the development of new projects. "Banks are looking more towards the future," commented Bart Van Mulders. "It's a particularly exciting momentum. These transformation projects are now necessary to ensure the sustainability of the business and allow the bank to remain competitive in the market. "

Strengthening IT teams

However, evolving banking systems remains complex and involves taking into consideration many risks. "To carry them out, banking players must rely on experienced resources, able to help them develop a real vision for the future and implement it by controlling all risks" , continues Bart Van Mulders. To this end, the banks still favor internal management of transformation projects and the maintenance of their systems to any process outsourcing solution.

Support change

Askja intends to support this positive dynamic. The company is specializing in the support of banking systems transformation and migration projects in Luxembourg and has developed a unique expertise. "Our desire today is to support banking players through all stages of change, by mobilizing energies around these crucial projects, to enable them to better consider the future," concludes Bart Van Mulders.

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