Implementing systems thinking.

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Askja fosters innovation and systems thinking.

Implementing systems thinking.

Systems thinking incorporates all aspects of a system and its environment into the design, the development and the deployment of the system.


Integration points.

First, understanding the purpose of the system, what it is, the boundaries and how it interacts with the environment are key elements to consider. Understanding the architecture and how the underlying components work together is critical. In fact, it are these integration points, the interconnections and the dependencies they create, that provide the value to business. In other words, the value of a system passes through its interconnections. Hence it is vital to continuously scrutinize and monitor the interfaces and the interactions of a system.




Second, the people that builds the system are part of the system too.  The understanding that systems must be managed applies here as well and we believe that the best way to deliver better systems is through collaboration and trust building.


The processes.

Last but not least, understanding and optimizing the full process is the only way to reduce the total time it takes to deliver the solution to business. Systems thinking implies to continuously optimize the full value stream, especially as it crosses technical and organizational boundaries. One essential process is value stream mapping, a systematic way to view all the steps required to produce value. This allows us to recognize that the actual value-added processing steps such as developing code and creating system artifacts, the testing and the deployment consume only a portion of the total delivery time. The focus of system thinking is to identify and reduce these delays within the delivery process.

Systems thinking helps us to recognize the ‘why’ and the ‘what’ of our actions, as well as the impact on those around us. It enables us to better navigate banking systems implementation complexities resulting in better business outcomes and will maximise your return on investment as you seek to manage future challenges.

Askja fosters innovation and systems thinking.

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