Ensure the transformation of banking systems

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We bring the necessary experience and energy to carry out every banking systems transformation project.

ASKJA banking systems expert is a new player in the IT sector in Luxembourg. Founded by Bart van Mulders, the company gathers more than 20 years of experience in the field of project management related to the transformation of banking systems. Through its consultancy services, it wants to allow the financial players to engage the construction sites enabling them to better understand the future.

Bart, can you tell us what prompted you, through ASKJA, to develop a consultancy activity in the field of banking system transformation?

For more than twenty years, I have been accompanying banking actors in the Management of their banking Informatics and the evolution of their systems. This is an area that I am passionate about.  Some years ago, I decided to continue to work in this area as an independent consultant.

Through ASKJA, my wish is to place the expertise acquired at the service of the banking actors in their great diversity . My aim is to help them meet the important challenges they face and which involve a necessary transformation of their banking systems. Generally, these are complex, long-term projects that involve a significant amount of risk. Such changes require a good translation of the Bank's strategic vision through efficient IT solutions, and to be able to implement them with thoroughness and energy.

What are the main challenges related to the transformation of banking systems today?

The financial sector, and particularly the banking world in Luxembourg, is experiencing significant consolidation movements. One of our first projects, following a merger/acquisition of two banking institutions in Luxembourg, was to carry out the migration of clients from one system to another. This represented more than 30,000 positions or values to toggle. On the other hand, under ever stronger regulatory pressure, many actors are now obliged to rethink their model. By evolving their computer systems, banks need to gain flexibility, develop their ability to evolve faster and better at the heart of a more uncertain environment.

And how do you position yourself in relation to these challenges?

Our mission is to accompany our clients in the transformation of their banking systems. These projects, considering the many existing interfaces at the heart of a banking computing environment, entail risks, arousing various and varied fears. They involve important revisions of the IT environment and more broadly of the organizations concerned. However, to better understand the future, we must be able to overcome them and engage these projects. In the face of complexity, experience is the first guarantee of success. Whether implementing, migrating, including extensive expertise around the Temenos core banking system T24, or transforming their banking systems, we bring the experience and energy needed to carry out every banking systems transformation project.

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